​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​       I was born in Kansas City in 1958.
        The year after the fall of Saigon saw me enlisted in the United States Army. For three years I served with the field artillery in West Germany. Later, after too many years in a college classroom, I took work as a newspaper reporter and editor. Some articles from that period made it to the AP and UPI wire services.
        While at the University of Kansas (KU), I earned a BA in political science and minored in English and journalism. I had the pleasure, and good fortune, to study fiction writing under novelist and poet, Carol Hebald. "You do write well," she said.
        Those words continue to provide a wellspring of encouragement that has kept me writing poetry, short stories and novels.
        Creative writing began, under a hissing steampipe, in a basement apartment in Brooklyn, New York.  While penning verse longhand, I studied poetry under the poet, Hugh Seidman, at the New School University in Greenwich Village.
        Three volumes of poetry have been published under my name, a volume of short stories and two novels.
        Today I earn my living as a court reporter, hopefully the last in a long line of trades. When I left newspaper work, I had no idea how many ways a writer could find to support his creative writing habit. I only knew I had to, or risk something worse than death.
        Years later I haunt the courthouses of Northern Virginia in my trademark coffee stained ties. After hitting the gym, the nights and weekends find me in my small study striving to write words that matter.
         Since leaving New York City (more people should know I'm an ex-New Yorker), I have lived in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. -- Falls Church and Fairfax. Now I live an hour's drive from the nation's capital in the Shenandoah Valley.